Ministers serving at Hollywood since 1947

(For ministers who served before 1947, the year we became a Station Church, see David Roberts’s excellent 150 Year History of HUMC.)


1947 – 1950

Rev. Warren Firth

1951 – 1955

Rev. C. Gordon Clews

1955 – 1957

Rev. Harold R McClay, Sr.

1958 – 1960

Rev. Hallock N. Mohler

1961 – 1962

Rev. Dr. Clifford B. Strang

1963 – 1966

Rev. James L. Shannon (Died 1988)

1967 – 1973

Rev. James C. Haskin (Died 1989)

1974 – 1976

Rev. Darrell E. Jett (From March–August 1974, Rev. Jett exchanged pulpits with Rev. John Turner from England.)

1976 – 1982

Rev. George A. Blankner

1982 – 1988

Rev. Curtis Campaigne

1988 – 1994

Rev. A. Frederick Walz, Jr.

1994 – 2016

Rev. Sheldon M. Reese

2016 – Present

Rev. Katie Paul


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Below are two pictures of the third Joy Chapel, which sat approximately on the site of our education wing today. 


Below is a picture of the second Joy Chapel, which sat approximately where the current Joy Chapel sits today.

Joy Chapel Cemetery

If you are interested in Joy Chapel Cemetery, you may enter a surname in the box below to search the memorials that have been created on Find A Grave for those who are buried in our cemetery. This is not a comprehensive list of all of our gravesites and we are not responsible for mistakes.

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