Ministers serving at Hollywood since 1941

1941 – 1947

Rev. George Dent Naylor (November 15, 1880 – December 26, 1959)

1947 – 1950

Rev. Warren Firth 

1951 – 1955

Rev. C. Gordon Clews (May 2, 1914 – June 23, 1995)

1955 – 1958

Rev. Harold R McClay, Sr. (July 3, 1898 – February 21, 1992)

1958 – 1961

Rev. Hallock N. Mohler (August 29, 1930 – January 25, 2019)

1961 – 1963

Rev. Dr. Clifford B. Strang

1963 – 1967

Rev. James L. Shannon (September 23, 1918 – April 1, 1988)

1967 – 1972

Rev. James C. Haskin (February 13, 1925 – February 22, 1989)

1972 – 1976

Rev. Darrell E. Jett (from March–August 1974, Rev. Jett exchanged pulpits with Rev. John Turner from England.)

1976 – 1982

Rev. George A. Blankner

1982 – 1988

Rev. Curtis Campaigne (June 2, 1942 – July 20, 2019)

1988 – 1994

Rev. A. Frederick Walz, Jr. (February 1, 1940 – October 11, 2011)

1994 – 2016

Rev. Sheldon M. Reese

2001 – 2004

Associate Pastor Chris Owens

2016 – June 30, 2020

Rev. Katie Paul

July 1, 2020 –

Rev. Matthew Tate


For ministers who served before 1947, the year we became a Station Church, click here to download David Roberts’s excellent 150 Year History of HUMC.



Joy’s Neighborhood on the St. Mary’s Circuit

The following were clergy on the St. Mary’s Circuit

1851: Thomas Cornelius, James Bunting, and William Evans

1852: James Bunting and William Evans

1853: William Evans and Charles G. Linthicum

1854: Noah Schlosser and P. B. Smith

1855: Noah Schlosser and James Bunting

1856: Noah Schlosser, James Bunting, J. W. Lambeth, and F. A. Mercer

1857: James Bunting, J. W. Lambeth, and J. H. Wolff

1858-1859: Bennett H. Smith, James Bunting, and Randolph R. Murphy

1860: John W. Start, James Buntin, H. McNemar, and E. Marsh

1861: John W. Start and H. McNemar

1862: John W. Wolff, J. J. Largent, and C. H. Mytinger

1863: J. J. Largent and E. E. Shipley

1864: C. Parkinson and E. Richardson

1865: J. W. F. Graham and Owen F. Waters

1866: L. R. B. Rhodes and James P. Wilson

1867: Bennett H. Smith and G. Smith


The First Joy Chapel was built in 1868 and we officially became Joy Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church on the St. Mary’s Circuit.

Pastors who served Joy Chapel:

1868: Bennett H. Smith and J. T. Hynes

1869: Bennett H. Smith

1870: William R. Gwinn

1871: William R. Gwinn and O. C. Marriott

1872: George M. Berry and O. C. Marriott

1873: Jesse C. Starr and Bennett H. Smith

1874: Jesse C. Starr and J. H. Ryland

1875: Jesse C. Starr and Solomon German


The St. Mary’s Circuit was then broken into smaller circuits (due to the growth of the church?) and we became part of the Leonardtown Circuit.

1876: Solomon German

1877-1878: William H. Barnes

1879-1880: Pierre Vondersmith

1881-1882: William H. Dell

1883: J. S. Deale

1884-1885: Jesse C. Starr

1886-1887: John S. Burton

1888-1889: W. L. Orem

1890-1891: E. H. Smith

1892-1893: W. C. Brian

1894-1895: Fillmore W. Shriner


Pictures of the 2nd and 3rd Joy Chapels

Below are two pictures of the third Joy Chapel, which sat approximately on the site of our education wing today. 


Below is a picture of the second Joy Chapel, which sat approximately where the current Joy Chapel sits today.


Homecoming 2018

Hollywood United Methodist Church celebrated the 150th Anniversary of Joy Chapel and our Methodist presence in Hollywood on Sunday, November 4, 2018. Following the 11:00 AM service, everyone gathered together in Galilee Hall. A group photo was taken, followed by a lovely lunch, coordinated by Louise Dean. A Guest Book, that had been used at a previous Hollywood Methodist Church Anniversary Celebration, dated September 23, 2001, was signed by 110 people attending the event.


The first presentation was on the “Early History of Hollywood United Methodist Church,” known  as Joy’s Neighborhood, then, as the first Joy Chapel. This time period was from 1832 through 1895, when the second Joy Chapel was erected on the same site. The first Joy Chapel fell into disrepair, thus prompting the building of a second Joy Chapel, located where our Memorial Chapel and Cemetery are located on Joy Chapel Road in Hollywood. After fire destroyed the second Joy Chapel, a third Joy Chapel was built on the site of our current church in 1933. Then, in 1946, the cornerstone for our present brick church building was laid. The beautiful presentation was prepared by Judy Wood, and narrated by David Roberts.


The second presentation for the day was “The History of the Music and Choirs of Hollywood United Methodist Church. The first music was known to be played by Mr. Roger Dean, on a pump organ, in the third Joy Chapel, as well as in the new brick church.  Also, Mrs. Lida Mosher, Mrs. Irma Baker and Norma Insley (Dawson), played the pump organ for Sunday School and later for some church services. In 1947, under the direction of Mr. Fulton Lewis, Jr., a Children’s Choir was formed. This choir under his leadership, 1947-1954, which included the building of a pipe organ, performed and were widely known for excellence. Throughout the years, Hollywood United Methodist Church has always been known for music and choirs. The directors and choir members have kept this tradition alive, as begun many years earlier. They have all presented a love of music and its importance to the life of the church. The dedication of these past and present directors and choir members, show their ongoing love and respect for their congregation and community. This presentation was created through the efforts of Norma Insley Dawson, Barbara Dean Trible, Joanne Lawrence Buzzell, Pat Schmalgemeyer Hayden, Donna Smith Knott and Karen Bishop Wood.


I thank all who helped, in any way, to put this program and special day together. Special thanks go to Wade Thompson, our Office Manager, and to Pastor Katie Paul, for without their support this day could not have happened.


Karen Bishop Wood

Key Dates in Our History

  • 1868 – First Joy Chapel Dedicated
  • 1894 – Second Joy Chapel dedicated on October 28, 1894
  • 1907 – Inspired by the Holiness Movement, several members of Joy Chapel left and helped start what is now Hollywood Church of the Nazarene.
  • 1931 – Second Joy Chapel destroyed by chimney fire. The pulpit and pews were saved.
  • 1933 – Third Joy Chapel built on site of present church.
  • 1939 – Methodist Episcopal Church merged with two other Methodist denominations to form The Methodist Church; our church renamed Joy Chapel Methodist Church.
  • 1946 – Cornerstone laid for current sanctuary building.
  • 1947 – Current sanctuary building dedicated. Name changed to Hollywood Methodist Church. First pastor assigned directly to our congregation.
  • 1950s – Parsonage purchased. Third Joy Chapel removed.
  • 1961 – Education wing built.
  • 1967 – Fourth Joy Chapel built.
  • 1968 – Methodist Church and Evangelical United Brethren Church merged into United Methodist Church and we became Hollywood United Methodist Church
  • 1970s – Hollywood UMC yoked with Galilee UMC in Oakville. Our pastor served both churches.
  • 1975 – Hollywood United Methodist Preschool launched.
  • 1983 – Galilee UMC closed and their building was burned. Members of Galilee merged in Hollywood UMC. Fellowship Hall renamed Galilee Hall.
  • 1992 – New parsonage built on Karen Court. Old parsonage sold.
  • 2017 – “New” parsonage sold.

Joy Chapel Cemetery

The Memorial Joy Chapel and Cemetery is located at our original meeting spot at 44260 Joy Chapel Road in Hollywood.

You may enter a surname in the box below to search the memorials that have been created on Find A Grave for those who are buried at Joy Chapel Cemetery. This is not a comprehensive list of all of our grave sites and we are not responsible for mistakes.

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Galilee Cemetery

Galilee Cemetery is located on Loveville Road (Route 247) in Oakville at the site of the former Galilee United Methodist Church, which was merged with our congregation in the 1970s. 

You may enter a surname in the box below to search the memorials that have been created on Find A Grave for those who are buried at Galilee Cemetery. This is not a comprehensive list of all of our grave sites and we are not responsible for mistakes.

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Our church has produced many cookbooks over the years. Obviously, they contain great recipes, but they are also a slice of church history, local business history, and more. Below are links so you can download the ones we’ve been able to scan.

The Best in Cooking in Hollywood

St. Mary’s County Fare (scanned in sections due to file sizes)

  1. Intro & Party Time
  2. Fruits & Fruit Salads
  3. Main Dishes
  4. Side Dishes
  5. Breads
  6. Sweet Things
  7. Extras